My name is Kelly and I'm a thirty something American expat living in England with my English husband and two children.  In the past 5 years, I have married a giant, moved to a new country, produced two monkeys children, baked about 5 million cakes and cookies, amongst living a pretty normal life.  Baking makes me happy but fat, so I'm trying to find some healthier or less fattening hobbies, like crocheting.  I've just bought a new bike that is too pretty for words, so I'm hoping to start cycling around the pretty countryside that surrounds us. I'm not a fantastic writer. You will find mistakes in my writing. I'm also not a great photographer. Instagram is my friend and I'm not afraid to say so. Until I get around to taking a photography course and a writing class, this is what you get. So, if you are still interested, keep reading.


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